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Considered the best of Evidence-Based Medicine, systematic reviews and meta-analyses are one of the primary services of our firm. Thanks to extensive experience and collaborations, we work side-by-side with our customers to find the right way to solve the most challenging research questions.

What we can do for you

Search Stategy Implementation

Implementing an accurate search strategy for systematic reviews is a complex task: experience, knowledge, and a systematic and comprehensive approach are necessary to search for studies for minimizing bias and assuring objective and reproducible searches.

Methodology Implementation

Our services aim to support our customers in defining the scope of the review, research questions and criteria for including studies, collecting data, assessing bias, choosing effect measures, summarizing study characteristics, and preparing evidence for synthesis.

Protocol Registration

We support our customers in writing protocols for their systematic reviews and meta-analyses to identify in a very early stage the possible source of mistakes and to address the scope of their work better.


Meta-analysis is one of the most complex statistical analyses because its results can be misleading. We conduct meta-analyses in every medical field by applying the most rigorous methodologies and guidelines.

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