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All the services you expect from a clinical study consultancy

We offer a series of services dedicated to answering innovative and challenging research questions in the most advanced research fields in a performant manner.

Thanks to a combination of scientific tools, we can support our customers in every kind of clinical study with high-quality and professional standards.

What we can do for you

Scientific Rationale

Searching and evaluating the relevant literature on your study question is fundamental for you and anyone to participate in the study. Our work aims to assess the literature to avoid waste of time and to reduce the risk of fatal flaws.

Study Design Definition

Identifying research questions and defining the optimal study design are influential features for assuring a proper and rigorous methodological approach to each clinical study. We work to ensure our customers the appropriate study design and evaluation.

Data Analysis

According to the highest ethical principles for data analysis, we offer services for methodically gathering and analyzing scientific data: data preparation, data analysis for descriptive and inferential statistics, reports complete of figures, tables, and accurate presentations of the results.

Randomized Clinical Trials

Performing an RCT requires an accurate and meticulous approach to reduce the risk of failure of the same study. We offer all services to achieve your goal: research protocols, sample size calculation, preparation of IRB documentation, tools for data gathering, data monitoring and analysis, interim and final reports.

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