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Biostatistical tools to answer to your hypotheses

Thanks to considerable experience in statistics and mathematics, we offer our customers all biostatistical tools to answer wholly and professionally any clients’ questions. Our services are dedicated to researchers and professionals who want to enhance their work with an efficient and rigorous statistical analysis. Our reports can be used in scientific reports and publications.

What we can do for you

Study Design

Biostatistical tools for each study design: observational or experimental studies, statistical procedures for research protocols, sampling procedures.

Sample Size Calculation

Sample size calculation, post-hoc-analysis, power determination, according to literature, research hypothesis, statistical tools defined in the protocol.

Descriptive and Inferential Statistics

We apply each kind of statistical tool to answer your research questions: from simple to the most complex analyses.

Survival Analysis

Kaplan-Meier, Cox’s regression and all other statistical tools: we have a vast series of biostatistical tools to evaluate prognostic outcomes.

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