Welcome to Mathsly Research


After 11 years of experience in scientific studies and after coming into contact with dozens of researchers worldwide, I am proud to announce the English version of Mathsly Research. My path in scientific research began eleven years ago when I decided to combine mathematics, my specialization, with medicine, my passion. Over the years, this strange combination has led me to meet medical researchers with extraordinary gifts of knowledge and humanity. Today, I am grateful to each of them for their time, understanding, willingness to answer my questions, and ability to withstand all my rigorous statistical and mathematical indications. Above all, I thank them for their friendship.

Together, we have made significant steps, but there is still a long way to carry out our dream: we are beginning a new story. I believe that the idea of ​​combining mathematics and medicine in a kind of twinning is as innovative as it is complex, but not impossible. Since mathematics intends to explain the natural world through formulas and theories, medicine aims to solve diseases through more effective diagnoses and treatments. Both of these sciences aim to improve our daily life and push us to discover the most beautiful part of each of us.